“There is no substitute for sitting with a judge when trying to assess if judicial office would be of interest.” A participant

The Judicial Work Shadowing Scheme gives eligible legal practitioners who are considering a career in judicial office an insight into the work of a judge. Shadowing can cover any aspect of a judge’s work, both in court and out of court.

Eligible legal practitioners can spend any period of up to two days observing the work both in and out of court, of the following judges:

  • High Court judge
  • Circuit judge
  • District judge (sitting in civil or family jurisdictions)
  • District judge (Magistrates’ Courts)
  • Tribunal judge

The shadowing does not have to be on consecutive days and must be completed within six months of acknowledgement of the application although this will depend on the availability of cases and the judicial office holder being shadowed.

All participants are required to sign a declaration to confirm they have a genuine interest in judicial appointment, and accepting that they are prohibited from disclosing any facts or information about the cases after the shadowing is completed.

Due to the increasing popularity of the scheme, it can take some time for the placement to be arranged. Please consider this when applying. If you are considering applying for a forthcoming judicial appointments selection exercise, it is wise to apply for shadowing as early as possible. We cannot guarantee that a placement will be arranged within a certain time frame since this largely depends on the judge’s availability.

The scheme is administered centrally by the Judicial Office and supported by Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service.

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