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Videos: Circuit Judges talk about their work

For those thinking of applying to become a Family, Criminal or Civil Circuit Judge we asked serving Circuit Judges and a former Senior Circuit Judge from around the country why they applied and what their experience has been.

HHJ Carol Atkinson, HHJ Nigel Bird, HHJ Anuja Dhir QC, Mr Justice Julian Goose, HHJ Eleri Rees, HHJ Graham Robinson, HHJ Rajeev Shetty, HHJ Mary Stacey, HHJ Stephen Wildblood QC

Click on the titles or image to watch the video – each lasts four to seven minutes.

Applying to be a Circuit Judge?
The judges talk about their reasons for applying and give advice and encouragement.
What support is there for Circuit Judges?
How the judges are assisted and supported to do their jobs.
What is a typical day for a Circuit Judge?
The judges talk about their working days
Judges working together
Being a judge is not a lonely job
The challenges and rewards of judging
The variety of work
Circuit Judge career flexibility
Possible paths for Circuit Judges
Being a Circuit Judge: the public good
The judges reflect on the wider implications of the job they do.