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Videos: District Judges talk about their work

Over 400 District Judges exercise a civil and family jurisdiction in the county courts and district registries of the High Court throughout England and Wales.

For those thinking of applying to become a District Judge we asked serving judges from around the country why they applied and what their experience has been.

Thanks to District Judges: Sarah Cove; Keith Etherington; Howard Kemp, Shanti Mauger, Marshall Phillips, Nicola Shaw, Luigi Sterlini.

Click on the titles to watch the video – each lasts four to eight minutes.

DJ Sterlini  

The working day of a District judge
The daily list of a District Judge is always varied

DJ Shaw  

Why become a District Judge?
The judges talk about their backgrounds and reasons for applying

DJ Etherington  

What support is there for District Judges?
Training and the help of fellow judges

DJ Cove  

What are the challenges for a District Judge?
The variety of work and running a courtroom

DJ Kemp  

Opportunities for District Judges
Differing specialisms and other roles

DJ Mauger  

District Judges: working with people
The judges reflect on the wider implications of the job they do