Videos: High Court judges talk about their work

For those thinking of applying to the High Court we asked serving High Court judges and a former High Court judge why they applied, what their preconceptions were and what their experience has been.

Mr Justice Birss (Chancery Division), Mrs Justice Carr (Queen’s Bench Division), Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb (Queen’s Bench Division), Mr Justice Cobb (Family Division), Mr Justice Garnham (Queen’s Bench Division), Mrs Justice May (Queen’s Bench Division), Mrs Justice Theis (Family Division), Mr Justice Warby (Queen’s Bench Division) and Former High Court judge, Lord Justice Singh, Court of Appeal.

Click on the titles or image to watch the video – each lasts four to five minutes.

Why apply to be a High Court judge?
The judges talk about their reasons for applying to the High Court and give advice and encouragement.
Preconceptions before joining the High Court Bench
The judges recall how they thought the High Court would be before they joined and how the reality differed.
Is there a typical day for a High Court judge?
The judges give an idea of the variety of work it is possible to undertake.
What support do High Court judges get?
How the judges are assisted and supported to do their jobs.
What are the responsibilities and pressures for a High Court judge?
Hard work but much job satisfaction.
Challenges and intellectual stimulation
The job of a High Court judge can be very varied.
Public service
The judges reflect on the wider implications of the job they do.


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