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Videos: Judges talk about their judicial careers

For legal professionals who may be thinking about applying to become a judge, here are the stories of people who entered the judiciary. They explain why they made the choice, the challenges and rewards and give some advice on applying via the Judicial Appointments Commission.


Her Honour Judge Mary Stacey Her Honour Judge Mary Stacey (opens in a new tab)
HHJ Stacey was a solicitor and employment judge before becoming a Circuit judge in 2014. She talks about why solicitors have the right qualities to become judges.
His Honour Avik Mukherjee His Honour Avik Mukherjee (opens in a new tab)
HHJ Mukherjee was a criminal Barrister before being appointed to the Circuit Bench in 2015. He talks about the challenge of applying for a new job after many years.
Recorder Ed Murray Recorder Ed Murray (opens in a new tab)
Commercial lawyer Ed Murray was appointed Recorder in 2009 and Deputy High Court Judge 2013. He explains how being a judge part time complements his job as a commercial lawyer.
Deputy Chief Magistrate Tan Ikram Deputy Chief Magistrate Tan Ikram (opens in a new tab)
Tan Ikram became Deputy Senior District Judge (Chief Magistrate) in 2017. Previously Deputy District Judge 2003 and a District Judge (MC) on the South Eastern Circuit in 2009. Previously a partner in a law firm he talks about using transferable skills.
DDJ Pathak DDJ Pathak (opens in a new tab)
Deputy District Judge Pankaj Pathak was appointed in 2010 and sits in the county courts of London and Essex.
He talks about running a practice and the benefits of trying new areas of law as a part time judge.
HHJ Kaul QC HHJ Kaul QC (opens in a new tab)
HHJ Kalyani Kaul QC was appointed a Circuit Judge in 2015 and sits at Snaresbrook Crown Court London. She describes her journey to a judicial post and the support and advice given by other judges.
Tribunal Chamber President Judge John Aitken Tribunal Chamber President Judge John Aitken (opens in a new tab)
Judge John Aitken became President of the Social Entitlement Chamber of the First-Tier Tribunal in 2014. He is based between Newcastle and London. He encourages lawyers to apply outside of their normal jurisdictions.
Employment Judge Adenike Balogun Employment Judge Adenike Balogun (opens in a new tab)
Salaried part time Employment Judge Adenike Balogun was appointed 2009 from a solicitor background and is based in South London. She talks about her move from solicitor to judge and preparing her application.