Videos of district judges talking about their work (2014)

Hear about what they do, how they make their decisions, what they enjoy and what they find most difficult.

The following links are to video content which show judges discussing Why become a District Judge? All you need to do to watch it is to click on the play button which is the triangle in the middle of the video pointing to the right. If you want to watch any of the other videos just click the links and that video will appear on the page and then click the play button.

You can find a transcript of each video below the player.

Why become a district judge?

What qualities do we need?

What is our role?

How do we carry out our work?

What are the rewards of being a district judge?

What are the most difficult decisions we have to make?

Are there any common misunderstandings about district judges?

Have we dealt with any unusual cases?

What is our work-life balance like and how does it compare with private practice?

What are our career prospects?

Advice to Legal Professionals

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