International and European Judicial Relations

The team is developing a central co-ordinating role and oversight of all European and international issues; providing logistical support and advice to the senior judiciary, judicial governance bodies and jurisdictional teams. It is responsible for planning international activity for the coming year(s) and identifying sources of support and funding.

The team builds links and contacts across the Judicial Office, government departments and international networks. Among other things, it manages and organises:

  • incoming and outgoing visits and study programmes;
  • international exchanges programmes
  • judges’ attendance at international conferences and events; and
  • international events in England and Wales.

It also identifies and arranges judicial support for events and projects led by other government departments and agencies, and follows up on the outcomes of international events, to help the judiciary make use of knowledge gained.

Further information:
Judicial International Relations (JIR): 020 7073 1612
E-mail: The JIR team

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