Deputy High Court Judge Support Programme

In early 2018, the Judicial Appointments Commission expects to be asked to run a selection exercise to attract exceptionally high quality lawyers and legal academics from non-traditional backgrounds to sit in the High Court.

As no previous judicial experience will be required this will provide a route to the High Court for those for whom the traditional Recorder route has been a disincentive.

Following training by the Judicial College, those who have been appointed will be expected to sit in the High Court on an extensive basis so as to bring them to a position to compete as credible candidates in the 2019 and 2020 High Court judge selection exercises.

Judicial support scheme for under-represented groups

In readiness for this exercise, the Judicial Diversity Committee has launched a support programme for those interested in applying to the Deputy High Court Judge selection exercise.

Thirty places are being made available on the programme.  It is open to candidates who meet the eligibility requirements for Deputy High Court Judge appointment.

As this is a diversity initiative, places are being limited to candidates from areas where we know the judiciary is significantly less representative of society – women, BAME candidates and those from a less advantaged background. To attract more solicitors and legal academics to the senior judiciary, we are extending the eligibility of this year’s programme to those without litigation experience.

What will the scheme offer?

  • Work shadowing (Oct 2017-Jan 2018): The opportunity to shadow a High Court judge for up to two days to give candidates an insight into the judge’s work (in and out of court), ask questions about the role and decide whether a High Court appointment is really for them.
  • Workshop (Saturday 25 November 2017): A one day workshop will offer guidance on how to prepare for the selection exercise. It will also provide tips and advice on presenting evidence against the Judicial Appointments Commission’s qualities and abilities to suit the different stages of the selection process.

The programme is intended to help candidates make a stronger application to the Deputy High Court Judge selection exercise; but once they have completed the programme, they will have to compete on merit with the other applicants for High Court appointment.

How do I apply? 

The support programme is now closed for applications.

If you have any queries please contact

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