Judicial Attitude Survey 2014


In its recommendations on pay last year the Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB) suggested that a survey of judges’ attitudes similar to ones carried out by other groups would be useful to them when preparing this year’s report.

All salaried judges in courts and non-devolved tribunals across the UK were therefore invited to fill in a questionnaire in October 2014. The findings of the survey for England and Wales and for UK Tribunals, carried out for the Judiciary by University College London (UCL), are published today via the link below. There is an executive summary of findings (pages iii to vi).

The SSRB makes recommendation to the Government each year on the appropriate level of pay for senior positions in public service including judges, the military and the Civil Service, after taking evidence including comparisons across the public and private sectors.

In a joint statement, the Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas and the Senior President of Tribunals Lord Justice Sullivan said:

“The survey shows that many judges are feeling, in common with millions of other people, that their work has become harder year after year in many ways. Even though they know they are well paid compared to most people, they, like many others, have seen their pay drop in real terms.”

“The survey also shows that judges do not carry out the work solely for the money. Their work is rewarding, but also demanding – confronting significant human suffering, loss and family breakdowns or untangling business transactions with livelihoods and businesses at stake. Judges are dedicated to their role, working harder and longer to keep standards high. Investment which has been promised to give judges modern IT will help.”

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