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Re P (A Child)

“Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 3 December 2013) an application by telephone was made to the President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, by leading counsel on behalf of Essex County Council seeking a ‘without notice’ reporting restriction order prohibiting publication of the name and date of birth of the child and the names of the child’s mother, the child’s father and any member of the mother’s family and any pictures of the family if such publication was likely to lead to the identification of the child.

“The application was made by telephone because the President was away from London carrying out his official duties.

“The President decided that the circumstances were not such as, having regard to section 12(2) of the Human Rights Act 1998, to justify the making of any order unless steps had first been taken by Essex County Council to notify the media of the application. He made clear that he was ready to hear any further application which Essex County Council might wish to make having given notice to the media. No such further application has been made.”


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