Movement of the Central London County Court

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Work to move the Central London County Court (CLCC) from its present location near Regent’s Park to within the Royal Courts of Justice estate is now underway.

At the request of the President of the Queen’s Bench Division, Mrs Justice Swift and Mr Justice Stephen Stewart, with input from judges and stakeholders across the QB and Chancery Divisions and from the CLCC, will be leading a working group to oversee the move which is scheduled to take place around April / May 2014.

The President of the QBD, Sir John Thomas, said, “This is a valuable opportunity to look at how civil work is distributed between High Court and Deputy High Court Judges, District Judges and Masters and to improve the administration of justice by combining the resources and administrations at the RCJ and CLCC. Court users can expect to see standardised processes and better targeted case management. As well as these benefits the judiciary will be deployed more flexibly and cases heard more expeditiously.”

There are several issues which will need very careful consideration. The working group will, over the next few months, look at the location of the issue department, listing, IT systems, the extent to which single teams to support civil business could operate and the support provided by the PSU and CAB.

The working party would be grateful to receive views from Judges, court staff and users.

Please send them by email to:

It would be helpful if initial views could be sent by 10 June 2013.

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