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News Release: Judge Hollingworth

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Judge Peter James Michael Hollingworth, 63, who sits as a judge in the First Tier Immigration and Asylum Tribunal and also as a Deputy District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts)  wishes to make clear that he has no connection with Judge Terence Richard Peter Hollingworth, 63, who sat in the same courts and who you reported as having resigned from the Magistrates’ Court and being under investigation as an Immigration Judge.

For background: In a statement given to the media in advance of publication the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office confirmed that Judge Terence Richard Peter Hollingworth had resigned as a Deputy District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts), and that the President of the First Tier tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber Michael Clements is considering the matter in accordance with the judicial conduct (tribunals) rules 2014 and that any finding of misconduct and recommendation of disciplinary action made to the president will be subsequently handled by the JCIO in accordance with the rules. Judge Terence Richard Peter Hollingworth is currently refraining from all judicial duties.

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