Speech by Mr Justice Warby: Media Litigation in the High Court

The subject of my remarks today is the business of doing justice in media cases in the High Court of England and Wales.

I want to suggest that achieving justice requires three things, at least: a substantive law that is fair; procedures that are just and efficient; and a system that is managed and operated in such a way as to promote swift and effective dispute resolution in practice.

So this talk is in three parts. I am going to take the three elements I have mentioned in reverse order. There is limited scope for a sitting judge to comment on the substantive law. So my focus will be on the management of the system, and procedural issues. The first part of what I have to say will be about management.

I very much want to say a few things about the Media and Communications List. This is a recent and important innovation in our High Court, which I hope and believe will help all those involved in media litigation. I want to explain something about the background to its creation, what it is for, and where we are at this early stage in its life.

Mr Justice Warby

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