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Speech by the Lord Chief Justice at the launch of TheCityUK Legal Services Report 2017

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…Underpinning our willingness to innovate, just as it underpins LegalUK’s global reach and influence, are two constants, or, as the Lord Chancellor has said, there are ‘strong and deep foundations’. Two particularly stand out.

First, there is the common law. Its stability and predictability. And within that, its pragmatism and ability to develop at a proper pace to meet new situations and changing market conditions. It is the firmest of foundations and one which will remain.

And secondly, and crucially, there is the quality and integrity of our judiciary in England and Wales, and across the whole of the United Kingdom. It is reinforced by our longstanding and deep-seated commitment to the rule of law. Most people in the United Kingdom take the rule of law for granted, if they think about it at all. Yet those who do business around the world, or find themselves in dispute in some surprisingly advanced economies, soon find how shallow the roots of the rule of law can be elsewhere. In the United Kingdom, no person, no corporation, no minister and no public body is above the law. All are subject to it. How one wishes that were so the world over. And the rule of law flourishes only in societies that have a strong, independent and incorruptible judiciary, as we have.

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