Speech by the Lord Chief Justice: Building the Best Court Forum for Commercial Dispute Resolution

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Speech given at the Wales Commercial Law Association, Cardiff, 21 October 2016.

Today I intend to look at the position of the courts and tribunals of the State as underpinning the economy, in addition to the more commonly appreciated role of the courts. As I am here in Cardiff I will direct my remarks to Wales and to Cardiff, but exactly the same could be said of the regions of England and their great cities.  It follows I do not intend to talk of devolution, but to focus on commercial dispute resolution.

We all know what we want in relation to a dispute. We want a means of resolving that dispute before it goes to a court or tribunal for adjudication.  And, if it has to go to adjudication, whether it be a court or tribunal which adjudicates disputes between citizens or between the citizens and the State, we want a process that while being as simple, as flexible and as inexpensive as possible yields a quick and just determination of the dispute.

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