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Speech by the Right Honourable Lady Justice Rafferty to the Criminal Law Review Conference


I’m pleased to be at a conference organised by the journal which was and is meat and drink to the criminal practitioner I used to be and the judge sitting in crime I am. That familiar red cover heralded the comforting and the challenging, and was worth its weight in platinum. It still is. Thank you for inviting me.

There will emerge a theme running through what I want to suggest this morning and I begin by underlining the importance and the usefulness of the Criminal Procedure Rules, which by statute must be “simple and simply expressed

Let me first emphasise what the Criminal Procedure Rule Committee brings to the wider criminal justice system.

Here’s what it isn’t: it is not a group of people picking over finnicky points which in the real world are of little import. It is the product of meticulous and in-depth analysis which can stand among the best. What emerges is a comprehensive procedural code.

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