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Valedictory lecture by President of the Queen’s Bench Division – Criminal Trials: The Human Experience

  1. Sir Brian Leveson

    Sir Brian Leveson, President of the Queen’s Bench Division

    It is an interesting form of privilege to have been asked to deliver a valedictory lecture. It is one I give after fifty years in the law, substantially although not entirely concerned with crime along with a brief interlude into the world of public inquiries: some might think that interlude was not brief enough but others litigated to say that it was too brief. Each one of you will have your own view.

  2. For those who have come expecting some detailed analysis of legal principle, I am afraid you are going to be disappointed. I want to talk about the human side of practising in the criminal law and the real-life consequences of the law on those whose lives, professional or personal, have been involved in it. This is because the real privilege of my professional life as a junior barrister, Queen’s Counsel and then on the bench, filling very many different roles, has been the opportunity that it has given me to work with people. These people come in many categories.

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