High Court: Retirement of The Honourable Sir Jonathan Lionel Cohen

RetirementHigh Court

The Honourable Sir Jonathan Lionel Cohen retired from the High Court (Family Division) with effect from 9 May 2021, but will be authorised to act as Judge of the High Court until up to and including 2 January 2024 and will therefore continue to sit effectively full time.

Background information 

Sir Jonathan Cohen (70) was called to the Bar (L) in 1974, took Silk in 1997 and was elected a Bencher in 2004. He was appointed an Assistant Recorder in 1993, a Recorder in 1997, a Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal in 2000 and authorised to sit as a Deputy High Court Judge in 2005. He was appointed a High Court Judge (Family Division) in 2017.