USA -v- Lauri Love
In the Westminster Magistrates’ Court 16th September 2016 The Government of the United States of America (Requesting Judicial Authority) -v- Lauri Love (Requested Person) Judge N Tempia    

R v Economou
In the Westminster Magistrates’ Court Date: 2 June 2016 Regina -v- Alexander Economou

Lauri Love v NCA
In the matter of an application under Section 1 of the Police Property Act 1897 Laurie Love – Claimant and National Crime Agency – Respondent 5th May 2016 District Judge (Magistrate’s Court) N Tempia Westminster ...

Sentencing remarks R v Basto & others
In the West London Magistrates’ Court Sitting at Willesden Sentencing remarks of District Judge Wright 24th February 2016   Crown Prosecution Service -v- Robert Anthony Basto Ella Gilbert Richard Steven Hawkins Cameron Joseph Kaye Sheila ...

R -v- E7
In the Westminster Magistrates’ Court 10 September 2014 Before: Judge Howard Riddle Senior District Judge (Chief Magistrate) Between: The Queen -v- E7