Chancery Guide 2016 updated

Chancellor of the High CourtPractice Guidance


The Chancery Division is one of the three Divisions of the High Court of Justice. The other two are the Queen’s Bench Division and the Family Division. The head of the Chancery Division is the Chancellor of the High Court (“the Chancellor”); currently he is Sir Geoffrey Vos. The Chancery Division is based in the Rolls Building, in Fetter Lane, London EC4. In addition to general Chancery work, the Division includes the specialist lists of the Insolvency and Companies List and the Patents Court and the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court (“IPEC”) which together form the Division’s Intellectual Property List,. The Chancery Division also shares Financial List with the Commercial Court.

The Chancery Division shares the Rolls Building with the Commercial Court, the Admiralty Court and the Technology and Construction Court (“TCC”), making it the largest specialist centre for financial, business and property litigation in the world. A summary of the work in the Rolls Building and details of the judges sitting there can be found on the Judiciary on the GOV.UK websites.

On 4th July 2017 Business and Property Courts (“B&PCs”) came into being. They form an umbrella for the specialist jurisdictions throughout England and Wales. The courts located in the Rolls Building are known collectively as Business and Property Courts of England and Wales. There are also Business and Property Courts in the five Chancery District Registries in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds and Manchester. (See Chapter 30). These include the Circuit Commercial Court. They are known as the BPCs District Registries. Business and Property Courts become operational on 2nd October 2017.

  • Published: March 2015
  • Last updated: October 2017