The Court of Appeal Criminal Division Guide to Commencing Proceedings

Court of Appeal Criminal DivisionPractice Guidance

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The “blue guide” to commencing proceedings in the Court of Appeal, Criminal Division is an essential resource for judges and lawyers.

It brings together relevant legislation, Criminal Practice Directions and Criminal Procedure Rules with an easy to read narrative.

This new fully digital edition has been revised to include amendments to the Criminal Procedure Rules (April 2021) which reflect the Criminal Justice System’s move away from paper to digital case files and are intended to assist the Court of Appeal and Criminal Appeal Office in providing a streamlined service to the professional Court user through to the Judiciary.

The guide also covers the anticipated update to the Criminal Practice Directions which will consolidate case law on procedures to be undertaken by fresh representatives in compliance with their duties to the Court and provides useful points of contacts for Court users who wish to contact staff of the Criminal Appeal Office.