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Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at Birmingham: Shikosman

Case Number F01BM121

At the County Court in Birmingham



Her Honour Judge Truman


West Midlands Police


M Shikosman


In relation to the above numbered case Her Honour Judge Truman sitting in the County Court at Birmingham as a Judge of the County Court, sentenced the Defendant in that case, to a custodial sentence of 28 weeks as below suspended  for contempt of court on breach of an Injunction Order dated   The basis of the sentence imposed is that Mr Mohamoud Shikosman   DOB 29 August 1996

  • An application having been made by Chief Constable of West Midlands   for committal of Mohamoud Shikosman to prison for disobeying the injunction order dated 13 December 2019. The relevant terms of the order (undertaking) and the allegations made by the applicant are recited on the attached notice to show good reason.
  1. 28 days custody to run concurrently with the suspended sentence handed down on 13 January 2020, suspended on the terms set out above
  2. It is ordered that Mr Mohamoud Shikosman be committed for contempt to prison for a (total) period of 28 days
  3. The custodial sentence imposed by this order is suspended until 12 December 2023 and will not be put in force if during that time the contemnor Mr Mohamoud Shikosman complies with the terms of the injunction order of DJ Malek dated 13 December 2019.
    And it is ordered that Mr Mohamoud Shikosman shall pay a contribution to the Claimant’s costs in the sum of £150.00 payable at the rate of £5.00 per week, 1st payment by 22 March 2020 (this element is not suspended).


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