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Greatwell -v- Massey (anonymity order)

|Anonymity Order

Claim No.F03MA731

In the County Court of Northampton

16 September 2019



His Honour Judge Hedley


Greatwell Homes Ltd


Gavin Massey


BEFORE His Honour Judge Hedley on 16 September 2019

UPON the Application being listed for a return date upon the Antisocial behaviour Injunction granted in the County Court at Manchester on 1 August 2019 order and upon hearing the Claimant’s application for a witness anonymity order

AND UPON hearing Counsel for the Claimant and the Defendant in person

AND UPON the Defendant not opposing the continuation of the Order made on 1 August 2019

AND UPON the Court considering that (pursuant to CPR 39.2(4)) the non-disclosure of the identity of Claimant’s witnesses is necessary to protect the interests of each witness


  1. No further order is made in respect of the Antisocial Behaviour Injunction made on 1 August 2019. That order continues in place.
  2. The identity of any of the Claimant’s witnesses who have provided statements in this case shall not be disclosed to any person without the permission of the Court and shall be referred to as Witness A, Witness B and Witness C respectively.
  3. The Claimant may rely statements of the witness in the redacted forms as filed with the application:
    a. Witness A – statement plus exhibits dated 31 July 2019
    b. Witness B – statement plus exhibits (attached to the statement of Witness A dated 31 July 2019)
    c. Witness C – statement plus exhibits (attached to the statement of Witness A dated 31 July 2019).

Statements in the unredacted form are not to be disclosed or supplied to any person without further order of the Court.

  1. Any person who is not a party to this claim may apply to set aside or vary paragraphs 2 and 3 of this order providing that any such application is made within 7 days of the order being published on the website

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