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NXB -v- Damian Munton (anonymity order published under CPR 39.2(5)

 Claim No: F00LE018

In the County Court at Leicester

26 June 2019


HH Judge Hedley


NXB (A protected party, by his mother and litigation friend Mrs JYJ)


Damian Munton


BEFORE HH Judge Hedley on 26 June 2019

UPON HEARING counsel for the Claimant and for the Defendant

AND UPON the Court considering the principles discussed by the Court of Appeal in JX MX (by her Mother and Litigation Friend AX MX) v Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust and Others [2015] EWCA Civ 96, (2015) 1 WLR 3647, and there being no or no sufficiently cogent or persuasive reason not to grant an order for the Claimant’s anonymity


  1. Pursuant to CPR 39.2(4) and Section 11 of the Contempt of Court Act 1981:

(a) The Claimant and his Litigation Friend shall hereinafter be referred to respectively as “NXB” and “JYJ” in order to preserve the claimant’s anonymity.

(b) In any report about these proceedings, there shall not be disclosed the name or address of the Claimant, or any details leading to the identification of the Claimant, without the leave of the Court.

(c) Pursuant to CPR 5.4C a non-party may only inspect or obtain a copy of any document relating to these proceedings from the Court records if any such document has been suitably redacted or anonymised such that the Claimant and his Litigation Friend are referred to in those documents in accordance with the abbreviation set out in paragraph 1(a) hereof, and with their addresses redacted.

(d) Pursuant to CPR 39.2(5), any person who is not a party to these proceedings may apply to set aside or vary this order provided that any such application is made on notice to the parties within 7 days of receipt or notice of this order.


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