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Mini Pupillage Scheme

The mini pupillage scheme for Specialist Registrars has operated in the Family Division of the High Court for some time. In more recent years, it has been overseen by the Secretariat of the Family Justice Council and the scheme has been widened to Circuit Judges and District Judges of the Principal Registry, to provide a greater choice of dates and cases.

Specialist Registrars are the expert witnesses of the future, and as part of their training they need to experience court proceedings. To assist them in gaining this experience, arrangements can be made for them to sit with a Judge of the High Court, a Circuit Judge or a District Judge either at hearings in which relevant expert evidence is expected to be given or, if they wish, in other family hearings.

The Specialist Registrars usually spend a day with a Judge, sitting in court observing expert medical witnesses giving evidence. This provides them with some knowledge of the court process, and it can alleviate some of the anxieties that they may have about giving evidence and being cross examined.

For further information about the scheme and if you are a Specialist Registrar and wish to participate, please contact:

The Family Justice Council,
EB02 Royal Courts of Justice,
Strand, London WC2A 2LL