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Advice to legal professionals

What is our advice for legal professionals considering a judicial career?

 Transcript of video interviews with district judges

1. “My advice to legal professionals considering a career in the judiciary would be to come and find out what it actually involves. There’s a well-established work-shadowing scheme where people can come and sit in with the judge for a day or two days, and that can be a judge at any level depending on the sort of work they’re interested in. But it does give a much better indication to them of exactly what a judge does during the course of a day or a couple of days and they can see whether they think it’s the sort of thing they might like.”

2. “I think they need to decide, are they the sort of person who has the temperament because not all very good lawyers are going to make very good judges and you need to be very patient, you need to be able listen. So my advice would be sit in with other judges, get as much experience of watching other judges as you can, work out what you think makes a good judge and then think is that for you?”

3. “Go for it – but investigate what it’s all about and the best way of investigating is sitting in with a judge, arrangements can be made for that; work-shadowing a judge, normally for a period of three days. It takes some getting used to once you’re appointed, particularly being remunerated effectively by way of a wage packet every month, but you get used to that pretty quickly. There is a collegiate atmosphere amongst the judges and so far as district judges are concerned, we have a very strong, professional organisation which meets regularly and which has social events so I think it’s a good thing.”