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Is there a need to improve consumer redress?

The Civil Justice Council today published research, by Queen Mary University, into the evidence of need for reform of collective redress mechanisms for consumers.

Launching the study Sir Anthony Clarke, the Master of the Rolls, said:

“I welcome this research as an important contribution to the debate on whether our existing mechanisms for collective consumer redress provide effective access to justice. As the report makes plain, it is clearly not desirable to import a US style class action system, nor would it be practical to do so. However it is right to consider whether civil procedure can or should be improved whilst ensuring proper protection against unmeritorious claims. The Civil Justice Council will consider these matters further and will provide advice to Government.”

In response to the Master of the Rolls, Head of the Department of Law at Queen Mary University of London, Professor William Wilson, said:

“I congratulate Professor Mulheron on this important contribution to the access to justice debate in the area of consumer redress. The partnership between the University and the Civil Justice Council has resulted in a world- leading piece of research.”

The research analyses consumer claims in common law jurisdictions and in Europe. It presents a series of nineteen “building blocks” that suggest need for reform.

Notes for Editors:

  1. The Civil Justice Council is an advisory non-departmental public body established under the Civil Procedure Act 1997 and is chaired by the Master of the Rolls, Sir Anthony Clarke. The CJC is required to: keep the civil justice system under review; consider how to make the civil justice system more accessible, fair and efficient; advise the Lord Chancellor and the judiciary on the development of the civil justice system; refer proposals for changes in the civil justice system to the Lord Chancellor and the Civil Procedure Rule Committee, and make proposals for research. Its membership includes senior judges, lawyers, consumer and commercial representatives, legal advisers and academics. Further information about the Council can be obtained from the Secretariat on 020 7947 6670 or by email.
  2. Further information about the Civil Justice Council can be found on the Civil Justice Council website
  3. For further information, please contact the Press Office on 020 7073 4852, or by email.