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Committal for Contempt of Court at Open Court at Bristol: Vowles

|Contempt of Court

On 25 November 2019 at Bristol Magistrates Court on the application of Bristol City Council, and after a trial at which six witnesses gave evidence, the defendant Michael Vowles having failed to attend, though being represented by counsel, District Watson found Michael Vowles to be in contempt of court, having broken the terms of an injunction dated 14 March 2019 varied by a further injunction dated 14 June 2019, in 26 respects: 11 of deliberately causing excessive noise intended to annoy or cause nuisance to his neighbours; 6 of abusing or intimidating his neighbours; 3 of threatening violence against them including one such incident after a hearing at the magistrates court; 1 breach by preventing a communication between a police officer and Michael Vowles’ partner; 1 by being in a prohibited place; 3 by communicating with a council employee whom he was forbidden to communicate with; 1 by threatening violence to that same council employee. For his contempt of court Michael Vowles was sentenced to 4 months’ imprisonment on each count to run concurrently, suspended until 13 March 2021 provided he complies with the terms of the original injunctions which will remain in force until 13 March 2021.