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Committal for contempt of Court at Open Court at Cardiff: Bolt

|Contempt of Court

Pursuant to the new guidelines for Committal for Contempt of Court – Open Court, please find following details of an order made by His Honour Judge Harrison at the Cardiff Civil and Family Justice Centre on 17th December 2019:


Case Number: F70CF053


Party details: Cadwyn Housing Association v Lesley Bolt


Name of Person: Lesley Bolt

Lesley Bolt has been guilty of contempt of court by disobeying the order dated 06/11/19:

  1. On 01/12/19 at approximately 00:59 Lesley Bolt was found by police to have visitors to the property together with evidence of illegal drug use in the form of a syringe with traces of blood inside the property
  2. On 27/11/19 at 1:58 pm Lesley Bolt had more than 2 visitors to the said property

And for the particular contempts the court imposed the penalty of 14 days imprisonment suspended until 05/11/21