Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at Bristol County Court

|Contempt of Court

Case No:     A00BS513

Bristol County Court


Bristol City Council – Applicant


Luke Bayliss – Respondent


  • On 26 June 2015 Mr Recorder Swift found proved against Luke Bayliss nine breaches of an order made on 20 February 2015 which prohibited him from sitting, loitering or approaching people for the purpose of begging anywhere in the City of Bristol. The order was made on 11 April 2014 and was in force until 20 February 2016.
  • Earlier, on 20 February 2015 the Defendant was found by another court to be in breach of the order and he was sentenced to six weeks imprisonment suspended until 20 February 2016 provided he complied with the order.
  • Mr Recorder Swift sentenced him in relation to nine separate begging incidents committed after 20 February 2015 and during the currency of the suspended sentence. In respect of eight incidents found proved he was sentenced on each to a period of three days imprisonment and on one incident to two days imprisonment, each consecutive to the other and consecutive to the six weeks suspended sentence which he activated making a total period of imprisonment 9 weeks and 5 days.


26 June 2015