Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court at Derby

|Contempt of Court

B00DE389 Derby City Council -v- Ronald Lee

Ronald Lee admitted the 5 breaches of the order of 15 June today, which ordered him not to behave in an aggressive and abusive way to lawful visitors to the area where he lives, through his solicitor. To me he expressed no remorse but I understand he will seek support for himself in the future and he told me at the time he was grieving for his wife.

The breaches were all serious; sustained aggressive and abusive behaviour to lawful occupiers or visitors of the area, one assault of a man who appeared to be a stranger and one incident where he almost caused an accident by throwing a bicycle into the road. They also happened over a period of weeks and the Defendant was plainly aware that his actions were being recorded by CCTV.

I impose a sentence of 6 months imprisonment for serious repeated breaches of the order. The Claimant landlord asked that this be suspended to ensure compliance with the order in future. On balance only, I was prepared to agree to this and have suspended the sentence for a period of 2 years

District Judge Williscroft
County Court at Derby