Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court at Gloucester

|Contempt of Court

In the County Court at Gloucester & Cheltenham

Pursuant to paragraph 13 of Practice Direction: Committal for Contempt of Court – Open Court

In relation to Case Number B00GL045 Cheltenham Borough Council v Leslie Michael Cook, on 3rd July 2015 at The County Court at Gloucester, I sentenced Leslie Michael Cook to a suspended custodial sentence of 14 days for contempt of court. The basis of the sentence was the Mr Cook had disobeyed the terms of an anti-social behaviour injunction dated 20th February 2015 which prohibited him from (1) being in possession of any opened alcohol in any public place; (2) engaging in conduct which causes or is capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to any persons in Cheltenham; (3) failing to keep his dog under proper control at all times when in a public place; (4) fouling or urinating on the street or other public place; (5) entering any private grounds when he has not been invited.

Mr Recorder David Blunt QC