Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the Combined Court in Coventry

|Contempt of Court

4Cv01099 Warwickshire County Council -v- Daleman

In the above case l have today heard a Notice to Show Cause

Warwickshire County Council alleged that Mr John Daleman had breached an injunction of  December 2004 restraining him from permitting the deposit of waste materials upon land owned by him at Clifton Lakes, A5 Watling Street Rugby by doing so on 7 occasions between February and September of 2014, i. e. causing or permitting hardcore rubble and soil to be deposited at various locations upon this site. Each alleged breach was proven. For each breach a sentence of 6 months imprisonment (all concurrent) was imposed suspended on terms plus for each breach a fine of £1000. Total fines £7000. Sentence suspended.