Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Stockport: Stevenson

|Contempt of Court

In the Family Court sitting at Stockport

Case No: LV15D03306

11 November 2016


District Judge Dignan


Mr John Marshall Stevenson – Applicant


Mrs Helen Clare Stevenson – Respondent

Judgment approved by the Court

District Judge Dignan:

  1. This is a judgment in the case of John Marshall Stevenson and Helen Clare Stevenson, claim number LV15D03306. The application is an application brought by Mr Stevenson for the committal to prison of Mrs Stevenson.  It arises from an application for financial remedy, an order for financial remedy brought by Mr Stevenson.
  2. Mr Stevenson has filed and served his form E. Mrs Stevenson has not.  By an order made by me on 29th April 2016 Mrs Stevenson was required to lodge with the court and send to the solicitor for Mr Stevenson a fully completed and signed form E with all required documents.  That was to be within 14 days of personal service of that order on her.  The order was personally served on 27th May 2016.  No form E has been provided to the court or to the solicitors for Mr Stevenson.
  3. The application for committal that is before me today was served on Mrs Stevenson on 12th September 2016. She has failed to attend at court.  Therefore, Mrs Stevenson leaves me with no option but to proceed on the basis that the appropriate sanction for her breach of the order is to commit her to prison for a period of 28 days.  The order that will be served on her will provide that that committal is suspended on condition that she files at court and sends to the solicitor for Mr Stevenson, within 14 days of service of the suspended committal order, her form E.
  4. In addition, I have before me a schedule of costs incurred by Mr Stevenson and I order that Mrs Stevenson pay the costs of Mr Stevenson assessed in the sum of £951.80.

Solicitor for the applicant:  Thank you very much.

The District Judge:  Thank you.  The order will be coming out to you.