Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Birmingham – Aamir (aka Robins)

|Contempt of Court


In relation to the above numbered case, On 11 December 2015 District Judge Musgrave sitting at the Birmingham Civil Justice Centre as a District Judge of the County Court at Birmingham, sentenced the Defendant in that case, Mr Mohammed Aamir (aka Daryl Robins) to an immediate custodial sentence of 28 days (4 weeks) for contempt of court for breach of an interim injunction order. The basis of the imposition of that sentence was that Mr Mohammed Aamir (aka Daryl Robins):

1.  On Wednesday 2 December 2015 at approximately 0835 hrs he threatened Elizabeth McCarthy with violence shouting “I’ve been away for 5 months I enjoyed it where I was, I came and found out I’m getting evicted, I will take you down” and verbally abused her calling her a “bitch” in breach of paragraphs 1, 5 and 7 of the Order.

2.  On Wednesday 2nd December 2015 at approximately 2050 hrs whilst West Midlands Police attended at his property to arrest him, he armed himself with a wooden pole, repeatedly banged the this pole on the floor and was extremely aggressive and threatened violence towards the Police Officers shouting “fuck off fucking piggies” he continued to shout abuse and repeatedly banged the large wooded pole on the floor and pointed it at the Police Officers threatening violence and continuing to shout verbal abuse at the Police Officers shouting “fucking pigs, I’m fucking gangster, you’re marked fucking watch I’m gonna fuck you up, fuck a wooden pole if I had a knife I would use it” in breach of paragraph 5 of the above order.

These breaches were contrary to the terms of the [interim injunction order dated 23 November 2015 to which Mr Mohammed Aamir (aka Daryl Robins) was subject.