Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Bow: Uddin

|Contempt of Court

Committal for contempt of court heard in open court at the County Court sitting at Bow.

In the matter of claim number B01 BO 706 on the 7th day of March 2017 I,  District Judge Vokes sentenced  Mr Bashir Uddin to a custodial sentence of 4 weeks for contempt of court such sentence then being suspended for a period of twelve months. The basis of the sentence was that the defendant had failed to comply with an injunction granted by an order dated the 23rd December 2015 which required him to remove a CCTV camera from the Claimant’s property of which he was a tenant to which he was subject.

District Judge Vokes
7 March 2017