Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch: ALOM (aka ALAM)

|Contempt of Court

In The County Court sitting at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch

Case No: D00EC390

  1. On the 22nd May 2017 this court committed the following named person to prison Mohammed Foysol ALOM (aka ALAM)
  2. In relation to an order dated 17th March 2017
  3. which provided that the Respondent/ Defendant should not [set out relevant paras of the order]

inter alia:

  1. Enter an exclusion zone
  2. Possess illegal drugs
  3. Be in a public place (subject to certain exceptions) with two or more others (making three in total, including him)
  4. Associating in a public place with Karim Uddin
  1. the court found that following admissions made he had disobeyed/breached that order by
  1. Being in the exclusion zone on 15th May 2017
  2. Possession Cannabis on 12th May 2017
  3. Being in a public place with four others
  4. Associating in a public place with Karim Uddin
  1. and imposed the following sentence(s) for those breach(es)

i) & ii) breaches admitted
ii) & iv) breaches denied


i) & ii) total of 28 days
ii) & iv) adjourned generally

  1. Accordingly it was ordered that(2) Mohammed Foysol ALOM (aka ALAM) be committed for contempt to Her Majesty’s Prison at(3) Pentonville for a (total) period of 28 days or until lawfully discharged if sooner, and that a warrant of arrest and committal be issued forthwith.

District Judge Luigi Sterlini
22 May 2017