Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Coventry – Barnes

|Contempt of Court

Whitefriars Housing Group Limited


Philip Barnes A00CV308

In relation to case no. A00CV308 on 6/1/16 at Coventry HHJudge Gregory sentenced Philip Barnes to a  sentence of 6 months suspended upon terms that he comply with an injunction made that day for the duration of it.

The basis of the sentence was that.

1 On 19/6/14 the court made an ASBI Injunction Order restraining the D from , inter alia , remaining on or entering any property let by the C from 12 hours after receiving notice to vacate any such property.

2 On 5/1/16 the D breached that order by entering such a property.

3 The D had previously breached this order on two occasions for which he had ben dealt with by first a suspended sentence of 4 months and secondly an immediate sentence of 6 months.

4 At the hearing the D through his solicitor admitted the breach expressed remorse and an intention to obey any further order. The sentence passed was aimed at prevention bearing in mind that the D had spent a night in the cells following his arrest for the instant breach.