Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Coventry: Beech

|Contempt of Court

Claim No. C00CV276

31 January 2017

Heart of England Housing Association


Kathleen Beech

On 22/8/16 an order was  made prohibiting Defendant from, inter alia, entering on or remaining in Loxley Court in Coventry.

The Defendant was today arrested on suspicion of having breached that order at 1210  hours today  by entering Loxley Court going to flat 18 and trying to gain entry to it by banging the door and repeatedly ringing the doorbell.

She was brought before me in Coventry County Court. She declined an adjournment to seek representation. She admitted the breach and declined to offer any form of mitigation.

I sentenced her to 14 days imprisonment.

Philip Gregory
DCJ Warwickshire and West Midlands