Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Preston: Griffiths

|Contempt of Court

In the County Court Sitting at Preston
Case No: D00PR772

1. On 23rd August 2017 this court committed the following named person to prison Malcolm Griffiths

2. In relation to an order dated 26th June 2017

3. which provided that the Defendant should not

  1. Engage in or threaten to engage in conduct which causes or is likely to cause a nuisance, annoyance, alarm or distress to anybody who has a legal right to reside in or visit Howard Brook House.
  2. Verbally abuse any other person residing in or lawfully visiting Howard Brook House including the Applicant’s staff, volunteers, contractors and/or other residents.
  3. Use or threaten violence against any other person residing in or lawfully visiting Howard Brook House, including the Applicant’s staff, volunteers, contractors and residents.

4. the court found that following admissions made he had breached that order by

  1. On 8th July 2017, the Defendant without any provocation shouted to another resident of Howard Brook House “I am going to set the building on fire.”
  2. On 12th July 2017, the Police were contacted in relation to the allegations and the alleged breach of injunction. During the Defendant arrest he became extremely aggressive and attacked a female police office pinching her arm and twisting her skin.
  3. On 14th July 2017, the Defendant caused nuisance to residents of Howard Brook House. A resident witnessed the Defendant with his hands in other residents’ letter boxes. The Defendant was asked not to do this by the complainant and was verbally abused “Fuck off, Fuck off you it’s none of your business, so Fuck off”.
  4. On 14th July 2017, Mark Kenny officer of the Claimant, met with the Defendant to discuss the alleged breached of injunction and his two subsequent appearances at Preston County Court. The Defendant was described as extremely agitated and aggressive in his manner. The issue of the Defendant playing excessively loud music was discussed and the Defendant aggressively responded “here we go again what about me I can do what I want you can’t stop me”. The Defendant had clenched fists and punched the table in front of him. The Defendant then took out an inhaler from his pocket and attempted to spray it in the face of the officer of the Claimant, laughing as he did so.

5. and imposed the following sentence for that breach

1 – 4


20 Weeks concurrently for each breach, total 20 weeks

6. Accordingly it was ordered that Malcolm Griffiths be committed for contempt to Her Majesty’s Prison at Preston for a total period of 20 weeks or until lawfully discharged if sooner

Recorder Grice
23rd August 2017