Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Romford: Olds & Hillier

|Contempt of Court

In relation to B03RM082 on 12 September 2017, at the County Court sitting at Romford I, District Judge Dodsworth sentenced Tommy Olds and Ricky Hillier each to a custodial sentence of  42 days, suspended until 4pm on 11 December 2017 on condition that they comply with the terms of an injunction dated 13 December 2016, for contempt of court. The basis of that sentence was that it was proved that each defendant had on 21 August 2017 breached the injunction dated 13 December 2016 which prohibited them from entering a specified area which included the block of flats known as The Odeon on Longbridge Road, Barking. Both defendants had been dealt with on 11 July 2017 for a previous breach of the same term of the injunction.

DJ Andrew Dodsworth
The County & Family Court sitting at Romford