Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Stockport: Bayes

|Contempt of Court

In the Stockport County Court

In the matter of case number: A00SK976

SMBC -v- Paul Bayes

On the 15 October 2015 before District Judge Lettall committed Paul Bayes to prison for 4 months such sentence being suspended. In relation to an order date the 23 December 2015 which provided that the Defendant should not by himself or by allowing, inciting or encouraging any other person from,

  1. Engaging or threatening to engage in conduct capable of causing harassment, alarm nuisance, annoyance or distress to Vanessa Dunn or any visitor to 38 Tarpoley Close
  2. Using abusive or insulting or threatening behaviour against any such person referred to in clause 1
  3. Using or threatening violence against any such person referred to in clause 1
  4. Entering or attempting to enter 38 Tarporley Close Adswood Stockport

The court found following admissions made that the Defendant had breached the order by

  1. At approximately 5.30pm on the 27 February 2015, the Respondent started playing loud music from the property this was accompanied by raised voices and rowdy behaviour from 4 individuals visiting his property this noise continued until approximately 10.30pm.
  2. At 4pm on the 28 February 2015 loud music started again from the Respondents property. It was so loud that it could be heard by his neighbour Vanessa Dunn despite her having the turned the volume up on her TV. The music only stopped when Vanessa Dunn banged on the floor at approximately 4.45pm.
  3. In the afternoon of of Friday the 6 March 2015 playing loud music again to the annoyance of his neighbour Vanessa Dunn
  4. Between 4pm and 5pm on the 7 March 2015 the Respondent again played loud music at his property.
  5. On the 8 March 2015 the Respondent played loud music intermittently throughout the day.
  6. On the 13 March 23015 the Respondent played loud music at his property between 5.15pm and 5.50pm and causing noise and disturbance in the evening.
  7. On the 22 March 2015 at 4.30am the Respondent woke his neighbour Vanessa Dunn by banging on the walls of his property slamming the door when leaving the property and being abusive to other residents.
  8. At 5pm on the 22 March 2015 the Respondent was kicking the back door of 323 Tarporley Close and threatening and using abusive language to other residents
  9. On the 22 March 2015 the Respondent returned to the property and banged on walls and shouted and screamed.


Admitted the breach set out in the order of the court dated 2 October 2015 in that on the 24 September 2015 he did use abusive and threatening language to Vanessa Dunn

In respect of the breaches 1 to 9 a sentence of 28 days for each breach to run concurrently suspended until the 15 October 2016. In respect of the breach as described in the order of the 2 October 2015 a sentence of 3 months to run consecutively, suspended until 15 October 2016 making a total of 4 months in all

District Judge Lettall