Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Walsall: Ahmad

|Contempt of Court

Walsall County Court

Case No: 3CV00013

10 July 2017

Basco Bakeries Ltd


Mr A. Ahmed (trading as Windmill Bakeries)

In relation to case number 3CV00013 on 10th July 2017 at the County Court at Walsall His Honour Judge Gregory sentenced Mr. A. Ahmad to a suspended custodial sentence of 6 weeks for contempt of Court. The basis of the sentence was that:

  1. The Defendant was made subject to an injunction not to utilise bread trays and dollies belonging to the Claimant for his own purposes on 19th February 2013.
  2. On 16th July 2015 and 13th May 2016 he breached that order and was fined £2,000.00.
  3. He committed further breaches of the order on 20th February 2017, 10th March 2017 and 11th March 2017.For each such breach he was sentenced to 6 weeks imprisonment concurrently suspended upon terms that he comply with the order of 19th February 2017.

His Honour Judge Gregory