Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court sitting at Wolverhampton – Naughton

|Contempt of Court


South Staffordshire -v- Lee Naughton

Matter sitting before District Judge England at Wolverhampton County Court.

Pursuant to paragraph 13 of Practice Direction: Committal for Contempt of Court – Open Court

In relation to B00WV750 on 2/12/15, District Judge England sitting in the Wolverhampton County Court at Wolverhampton Combined Court Centre, Pipers Row, Wolverhampton sentenced Lee Naughton to a suspended custodial sentence of 14 days for contempt of court.

The basis of that sentence was that he failed to comply with paragraphs 1 & 3 of an Injunction Order dated 27/10/15 at various times between 29th October 2015 and 1st November 2015 by playing loud music and on one occasion slamming the front door of his premises and spitting on the door of his neighbours property.