Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the Family Court sitting at Bristol: Quiam

|Contempt of Court

In the Family Court
Sitting at Bristol Magistrates Court

Case number VS12C00068

  1. On 28th April 2016, this court sitting in open court committed Mamun Abdul Quiam to prison for a period of three months.
  2. On 1st April 2015, this Court had made an order forbidding Mamun Abdul Quiam from
    (1) using or threatening to use violence against a woman hereafter referred to as “F” or her mother
    (2) communicating with F or her mother save through solicitors or
    (3) going within 100 metres of their address.
  3. On 24th March 2016, an application was filed on behalf of F for the committal to prison of Mamun Abdul Quiam for contempt of court on the grounds that he had broken the terms of the order of 1st April 2016 by communicating with F on a number of occasions between 29th July 2015 and 13th November 2015 by telephone, text message and internet message, and by having sexual intercourse with her on 2 occasions on 29th or 30th July 2016.
  4. At a hearing on 28th April 2016, Mamun Abdul Quiam admitted that he had broken the terms of the order as alleged in the application.
  5. On the basis of his admission, the court found that Mamun Abdul Quiam was in breach of the order of 1st April 2016 and thereby in contempt of court.
  6. In respect of the breach and contempt, the court imposed a sentence of three months’ imprisonment.

Mr Justice Baker