Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the High Court of Justice Queens Bench Division: Payne

|Contempt of Court

Pursuant to paragraph 13 of Practice Direction: Committal for contempt of Court – Open Court

Case No: D92LS739

Sheffield City Council


Calvin Payne

In relation to the above numbered case on Friday 3 November 2017 The Honourable Mr Justice Males sitting In the High Court of Justice Queens Bench Division Sheffield District Registry sentenced the Defendant in that case, to a custodial sentence of 3 months, suspended for 1 year, for contempt of court on breach of an Injunction order dated 17th August 2017. The basis of the sentence imposed is that Calvin Payne

Was in breach of the Injunction, by

  1. Entering and remaining in a safety zone erected around a tree on Kenwood Road in Sheffield on Thursday 28 September 2017
  2. On Friday 29 September 2017, you entered or remained in a safety zone erected around a tree on the same road
  3. On Friday 6 October 2017, you encouraged others to enter safety zones to be erected around trees in a Facebook post, which you posted on the Save Netherthorpe Trees Facebook page


  1. The breaches were contrary to the terms of the Injunction Order dated 17th August 2017 to which Calvin Payne was subject.