Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at The Manchester County Court

|Contempt of Court

A02MA857:  Southway Housing Trust -v- Mongan

On 22nd May 2015, His Honour Judge Armitage QC found John Mongan guilty of contempt of court.

John Mongan admitted that at about 02.40 on Friday 22nd May he had been found within the dwelling 16A Longport Avenue, Manchester which was itself within a larger zone from which he had been excluded by an antisocial behaviour injunction including a power of arrest, granted in July 2014 and that he had been arrested. By mere presence he was in contempt and also in breach of 2 suspended prison sentences (of 3 and 2 months) imposed for earlier breaches of the injunction. On the 5th May I had sentenced John Mongan to time spent in the custody of the police following arrest for his breach of the injunction on the 1st May and had not activated the suspended sentences and in so doing had pointed out to him that if he was found in breach again it was likely that, depending on the circumstances, he would be sentenced to imprisonment. By this present breach John Mongan had made plain that he had no intention of obeying the earlier orders of the court, despite the assurance which he had given on the 5th May. He was committed to prison for 1 month on this occasion and the suspended sentences were ordered to be served consecutively being a sentence of 6 months in all.