Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Birmingham: Abdulmohammadi

|Contempt of Court

Whitefriars Housing Group Limited


A. Abdulmohammadi

Case No: C00CV646

In the above case an order was made on 23/9/16 restraining the defendant from admitting visitors to his address at 8F Pioneer House Adelaide Street Coventry among other matters

On 11/10/16 l sentenced him to 2 weeks imprisonment for breach of that order, time served. A further order containing like provisions to the order of 23/9/16 was made.

Following a trial on 19/10/16 Mr. Abdulmohammadi was found to have breached the order of 11/10/16 by  admitting a visitor to the address at 12.30 this day.

He was sentenced to 6 weeks imprisonment for this flagrant contempt of court

His Honour Judge Philip Gregory
Designated Civil Judge
Warwickshire and West Midlands