Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Birmingham: Parmar

|Contempt of Court

Case No: C90BM093

AIG Europe Limited


Bernard Parmar

In relation to the above numbered case, 23 August 2016 His Honour Judge Robert Owen QC sitting in the High Court at Birmingham as a Judge of the High Court, sentenced the Defendant in that case, Bernard Parmar, to AN IMMEDIATE custodial sentence of 12 months for Contempt of Court for contempt proceedings arising from false statements in case number 3YS59261 pursuant to CPR r81.14(1), r81.17(1) and r81.18(1). The basis of the imposition of that sentence was that Bernard Parmar:

Made or caused to made the following false statements verified by Statements of Truth in the County Court Claim 3YS59261

1.  Claim Form dated 5 November 2013

2.  Particulars of Claim dated 26 October 2013

3. Schedule of Special Damaged dated 28 October 2013

4. First witness statement dated 3 June 2014

5. Second witness statement dated 2 September 2014

6. Third witness statement also dated 2 September 2014