Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Cardiff: Manning

|Contempt of Court

Case No: C00WJ116

Walsall Housing Group (Claimant) -v- Marvin Manning (Defendant)

On 29/1/16 the Court made an order restraining the defendant from inter alia causing nuisance through loud noise.

On 12/5/16 the court found that the Defendant had breached the order on one occasion, Sentence was postponed. A fresh injunction was made in similar terms to the earlier order save that D was also restrained from bringing illegal substances into the flat which he rented from the Claimant.

In  August  2016 the court found that Defendant had breached that order on 4 occasions through noise nuisance . For each contempt he was sentenced to 3 weeks imprisonment. For the earlier contempt he was sentenced to 1weeks imprisonment . All sentences were ordered to run concurrently and suspended on terms.

On 7/11/16  Defendant admitted 6 further breaches of the order of 12/5/16 : 4 entailed noise nuisance , 1 having cannabis in the flat and one involved resisting arrest which the court found included biting the thumb of a policeman so as to cause two puncture wounds and draw blood.

For that contempt he was sentenced to 6 weeks imprisonment. For each of the other 4 to 3 weeks. All sentences to be concurrent.. The suspended sentence was activated concurrently.